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EverQuest 2 - Echoes of Faydwer Review @ Boomtown

by Dhruin, 2007-02-19 20:21:26

Boomtown serves up a review of EQ2: Echoes of Faydwer.  The score is 8/10 and here's a snippet:

Chief among the new content is the city of Kelethin, a sprawling settlement that's suspended, Ewok-style, above the forest canopy. It really is an impressive sight to behold, but it's also one that comes at a cost, as it's managed to bring my modest machine to its knees almost every time I visit it.

If you want to start off in this new city you need to play a race with a 'good' alignment, such as a dwarf or the all-new Fae. If you choose either of those two races you may begin your adventures in the appropriately titled Nursery, where a benevolent little Fae hand-holds you through your first few quests, introducing you to many of the mechanics of the game, such as killing, exploration, gathering and so forth.

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