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Vanguard - Review @ WarCry

by Dhruin, 2007-02-21 22:17:04

WarCry has posted their review of Vanguard.  There's no score, although the reviewer writes he isn't sure if he would subscribe, citing complex gameplay as a positive but bugs and missing features as a negative.  Here's a bit on crafting:

One major aspect is in character development. Like in EverQuest II, crafting has been split off from combat progression into a completely independent progression path. For each of these paths, every character maintains a completely different set of equipment, one which impacts only those character actions. There are also three other sets of equipment - harvesting, player mounts and their accessories, and the completely new diplomacy (which I'll get into more later). All are worn simultaneously, and are switched to automatically whenever needed.

The crafting process itself has also been significantly improved. For virtually every MMORPG with a crafting system to date, advancement means hours and hours of churning out worthless items, usually at a financial loss. Vanguard has taken a different approach by providing crafting taskmasters that provide crafting missions. These missions provide limited use, material-free recipes to the crafter, and when completed provide experience, coin, and random item rewards. This moves level progression away from item creation, which is limited to more valuable items, and makes crafting a self-sufficient character option.

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