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The Broken Hourglass - Interview @ Four Fat Chicks

by Dhruin, 2007-02-23 09:14:23

Planewalker's Jason Compton has spoken with Four Fat Chicks about The Broken Hourglass and how the main team came together through the mod scene years ago.  A text version is available as well as an audio recording of the 'phone conversation and a music track.  Here's a snip on the status:

K: Excellent. I know it's never easy for any game developer to project a completion date for any given project, but may I ask how are things progressing in reference to The Broken Hourglass?

J: Where we're at now is—all of the artwork is just about done. There are a few areas that I am waiting to get in from the area artists, there's a few things in the visual effects area—you know, big flashy spell effects and explosions and so on and so forth. And then there's—sorry, got off track there—so art's almost done, much of the writing, the vast bulk of the writing is also done, and so now it's a question of wiring everything up and making it playable. The content is there in pieces, and now it's down to scripting it all together so that A happens after B and C says something to D and so forth. It looks a lot like a game now. It's just in terms of implemented content. There's a long way to go there, but the design is all there.

Source: Bluesnews

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