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Fallen Earth - Interview @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2007-02-23 20:09:54

RPG Vault has caught up with Icarus Studios' Dead Designer Lee Hammock to discuss Fallen Earth.  The conversation starts with Icarus explaining their low profile and then moving on to the usual territory:

Jonric: How combat-oriented will Fallen Earth's gameplay be? What are your goals for the type of experience you want players to have? To what extent are you emphasizing PvP?

Lee Hammock:
Fallen Earth will be very combat-oriented, though it will be possible to advance through the game without fighting if you so wish. Our overall goal with the combat system is to create a fast-paced type of experience that is a more active style of play than found in most MMORPGs.

A major factor in this is PvP combat, which will involve fighting over towns. Factions can take control of them, so people have something real to fight over, though if they don't want to be involved in PvP they'll have plenty else to do.

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