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Jade Empire - Review @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2007-02-23 22:25:34

GameSpot is the second major site to review the Jade Empire: Special Edition release for the PC.  The score is a more restrained 7.8/10 and after a very positive opening paragraph, here's some of the criticism:

Still, two years is a lot of time for the cracks to start showing, and even with the added benefit of slightly improved artificial intelligence and a couple of new fighting styles, the shadow of other role-playing and adventure games looms more heavily over the simple combat and scant leveling options. Enemies do exhibit better defensive behavior this time around, but battles retain their general simplicity. You still collect amulet gems and have a large variety of combat styles to upgrade, but without an actual inventory to manage or gear to collect, Jade Empire feels less fulfilling next to more full-fledged RPGs. With both the combat and the customization options left underdeveloped, it doesn't matter whether you look at the game as an RPG or an action adventure; either way, there is some noticeable missed potential.

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