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RPGWatch - The Whole Game in My Hand #3

by Dhruin, 2007-02-24 10:47:41

What's going on in the RPG world for portable gaming systems? Can you get a decent role-playing experience on the go? Mike Anderson catches us up on the latest RPG's on the GBA, DS and PSP, including a full review of Final Fantasy III on the DS. Here's a snip:

As I mentioned before, Final Fantasy III is a port of a classic game - one that was never released in the US. The first two games were released, and then nothing for a while until the game called Final Fantasy VI in Japan got a release as Final Fantasy III in North America. Confusion continued as later releases and compilations for the Playstation fixed some of the numerology but not others. Being late to the party myself, I find myself confused whenever the subject comes up, and asking fans of the series only makes it worse since it inevitably leads to endless discussion about which one is best and the reasons why that is true. One thing I've learned - compared to other entries in the series Final Fantasy III is big on characters, not so big on a deep and engrossing story, but critical for the introduction of the job system.

Read it all here.

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