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Armchair Empire - Storytelling in Games

by Corwin, 2007-02-26 01:10:52

Games site Armchair Empire has begun a new series on storytelling in games, beginning with the classic Wizardry 1. As storytelling is a major component of RPG's, you might find this an interest read. Here's part of the introduction:

For many, storytelling is a very important part of their gaming experience.  A gripping tale needs to be told, adding some context to whatever it is that the player has to do in each stage of a given game.  Whether it’s something like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Planescape Torment, or a classic Sierra adventure game, narrative plays a huge role in a lot of games.


That being the case, we plan to start a semi-regular feature, discussing story telling in games at the Armchair Empire.  The topics discussed will be quite broad, and can range from discussing common themes in story telling, to narrative mechanisms, to comparative criticism, and a host of other areas.  Generally these pieces will focus around a specific game or two, and look at them as examples to further our point, and to act as a way of keeping the whole article coherent.  Seeing as this whole thing was my idea, it seems logical that I be the one to kick things off.
 You'll find the entire article here .


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