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Sacred 2 - Interview @ ActionTrip

by Dhruin, 2007-02-26 21:42:30

Ascaron Creative Director Hans-Arno Wegner has been interviewed at ActionTrip about Sacred 2. They also have the only screens I am aware of that show a different class to the oft-previewed Seraphim - head over for a short look at the Shadow Warrior:

ActionTrip: The original Sacred allowed gamers to move freely about the surrounding areas. Are you planning to include this feature in Sacred 2?

Hans-Arno Wegner: Of course. The huge, seamless and freely explorable world was one of the key features in the original Sacred and our fans loved it. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will also offer a massive game world, where you can spend hours exploring it, appreciating the details and getting immersed in the atmosphere.

The huge seamless world in Sacred 2 was one of the main reasons why we wrote our own engine.

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