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Greedfall - Interview @Gamingbolt

by Silver, 2018-07-03 06:34:36

Gamingbolt interviewed the Lead Writer of Greedfall, Jehanne Rousseau.


With a game that is as focused on character development and narrative as this one is, writing obviously has to be top notched? How are you making sure that Greedfall doesn’t disappoint in that area?

It’s a lot of trying and re-trying. We are working with some play-test groups that come and try the game. Of course, Focus Home Interactive, our publisher is helping us at this point. Working with some of the teams on their side to get a lot of different feedback on different skills: on the fighting, balance, but also on the different consequences. So, it’s something we can’t handle alone and we need some help. We need the publisher and the help of the players.

It’s been stated that characters in the game will react to you differently based on whether you’re more prone to using combat or stealth. Does that mean combat is always avoidable, if players should want to choose stealth instead? Are there boss fights in the game that can be avoided this way?

It’s not always stealth. We try to have different solutions to solve the quest. Stealth can be an option in one case, and combat can also be another option. Sometimes you can also bribe [your enemies], or you can have people change their point of view. Or in some case you can craft some items to exchange. It’s not always stealth or combat. It’s not a stealth game, there are plenty of different solutions. We’re really letting the player decide how to handle the situations. Some combat [situations] won’t be avoidable, but we really want some quests to be solved in different ways. You’ll have to fight at some moments in the story, but it’s not always the case. It’s not a bad solution to choose something else.


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