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Eschalon: Book 1 - Inside Update

by Corwin, 2007-02-27 23:55:37

Received some update news about Eschalon: Book 1 in my email this morning, so here's the entire contents for your reading pleasure.

Hi everybody.

Here's some updated info about Eschalon Book 1. Basilisk Wrangler mailed me the following message.


Not to worry...it's nice to hear that you people haven't given up on us! The top issues worked on in the last 4 weeks: - rebuilt the save-game function to hopefully make the game more friendly to Vista (saved game files are now stored in "My Documents" rather than inside the game's install directory.) - finished a few high level spells that were in need of adjustment. - added 4 new areas to the game world as well as numerous tweaks to the current game areas. - spent a full week messing with sound due to ongoing changes with the sound drivers (again, thanks to Vista) - fixed lotsa bugs on the ToDo list. So what's left to do? Well, we still have quite a bit of "2nd half" game work that needs to be done (the further into the game you play, the less stuff there is for you to do other than stick to the main storyline.) Also, the studio itself is moving to a new location in March so we have been getting things prepped for that transition (transfer of equipment and data line). Development is, as always, in "full-steam ahead" mode. As we get a bit closer to the finish we'll start throwing out a bit more info on the game itself as well as more screenshots and perhaps some video captures of the gameplay. 


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