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Brenda Braithwaite Interview at Joystiq about Sex in Games

by Corwin, 2007-02-28 00:12:19

This is only of tangenital interest to most RPG players I'm sure, but Brenda Braithwaite, one of the key people behind Wizardry 8 has an interview over at Joystiq on the topic of Sex in Games. Here's a very brief snip from the introduction:

"We're doing two roundtables this year at the request of previous attendees: designing erotic games and, second, the business end of erotic games. This will give attendees a chance to really get into each issue deeply. When it comes to designing erotic games, I expect we will probably cover such things as appealing to a diverse sexual audience, incorporating fetish play, MMO design, and pitching games to existing adult stars and publishing powerhouses. There's also interest from many people in solving that M-rated issue: how can we maturely incorporate mature themes into the narrative of the play – the same stuff you'd see in an R-rated movie – without being locked out of retail? Games have certainly done it, and as our ability to tell stories in games increases, figuring out how to do it well is becoming more an more an issue. The average gamer is a guy in his 30's, you know. Shows from Lost to Grey's Anatomy feature mature storylines that we, in games, feel at risk to take."

If you're interested in reading more, then you'll find the entire interview right here

Source: Joystiq

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