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Vanguard - Review @ GPM

by Dhruin, 2007-02-28 22:22:12

A short and to the point review of Vanguard is on offer at Gameplay Monthly with a score of B+ :

The pacing of the game, meanwhile, is a step backward in the eyes of many. The current trendsetter, WoW, makes it very easy to gain levels and get the best gear you can for your current level. Vanguard takes a page from older games like EverQuest, Ultima Online and the early days of Dark Age of Camelot. You're really going to work at it to hit 50, get your flying mounts, and get your uber gear. Sigil makes no apologies for this, that’s what they have said Vanguard was going to be about all along. So if you aren't in it to win it over a long while, steer clear.

Source: Bluesnews

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