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Jade Empire - Special Edition Interview @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2007-03-01 20:18:46

IGN.AU speaks to BioWare's Diarmid Clarke in a just-barely pre-release interview about Jade Empire Special Edition:

IGN: There are two new combat styles in the Special Edition. Can you outline what they are and how they change the dynamics of the fighting system?

Diarmid Clarke:
The two new styles are Iron Palm and Viper. Iron Palm is a sumo-inspired style that's rather slow but it's also one of the most powerful styles. You attack with bull rushes and palm strikes that can really send your opponents flying. Viper is the opposite: it does very little damage but it's incredibly fast. It poisons your enemies so they actually bleed damage over time. Strategically, you might want to use Viper on multiple opponents to get them dying while you focus on the boss by using Iron Palm.

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