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The Witcher - Previews @ Games Radar, RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2007-03-02 09:43:31

The previously mentioned avalanche of previews for The Witcher appears ready to strike with articles appearing at Games Radar and RPG Vault and no doubt plenty more to come.  Here's the intro from the first:

Let's face it: fantasy RPGs have been in a rut. We get it, already: Elves are slender and noble, Dwarves are boozed-up walking beards, and Good must triumph against the forces of Evil. Enter the works of Andrzej Sapkowski, author of the best-selling Polish stories The Witcher is based upon. Though largely unknown to Western audiences, Sapkowski takes Tolkien's seminal fantasy archetypes, and amps up their relevance by injecting potent modern themes like terrorism, racism, substance abuse, and grey area morality.

...and a snip from RPG Vault: 

Given this type of environment, it seems appropriate that the story, another central element of the game, will have three possible endings, and that they branch apart quite far before they occur, roughly two-thirds of the way along the critical path. While details weren't forthcoming so as not to spoil the narrative, Geralt's personal quest to find his identity will interweave with happenings on a greater scale involving the machinations and struggles among various factions seeking supremacy in the world. During the course of play, he will reportedly encounter friendship and deceit, love and hate, an ancient prophecy, a deadly pestilence, lots of twists and turns, and, of course, an abundance of formidable monsters and other enemies.

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