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ES4: Knights of the Nine - Review @ Just RPG

by Dhruin, 2007-03-02 23:29:17

82% is the grade for Bethsoft's Knights of the Nine in a review at Just RPG:

 Your journey to find these relics will take you all across the map and into some really interesting dungeons. Some of the dungeons are fairly long, while others are very brief. I was actually surprised by some of the puzzles in the dungeons because they seemed fairly creative and at times a bit challenging. However, the rewards are well worth it because the relics you collect will prove to be very formidable. Every good faction needs a place to call home, so you'll also be able to take over the priory of the nine and make it your own. Other Knights will also hear of your quest and seek to join you. These Knights will help you during your adventure and fight beside you in the final confrontation! Your journey will allow you to explore new dungeons, find new weapons and equipment, battle new enemies, and meet new people. If you've played through any of the Guild quests in Oblivion, then you sort of know what to expect out of Knights of the Nine. It’s worth noting that the additions in Knights of the Nine aren’t anything drastically different from what we’ve already seen in Oblivion. So, if you’re expecting an entirely new game, then you’ll surely be disappointed. However, “more of the same” isn’t a bad thing when you’re talking about a game like Oblivion.

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