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Jade Empire - SE Reviews @ ActionTrip & DriverHeaven

by Dhruin, 2007-03-06 21:55:55

A pair of new Jade Empire Special Edition reviews are available today on the web.  Let's start with ActionTrip, who awarded 80% despite some concerns:

I do have a few concerns with this game. Although countless gamers will surely snatch it up ("countless gamers"? - Ed), it's pertinent to mention that Bioware enthusiasts could be warded off due to the game's blatant lack of depth in certain aspects of gameplay. Namely, after playing for several hours, one does tend to get bored with simplified combat and the bland inventory system. Believe it or not, despite Bioware's traditional attention to detail in this matter, there simply is no inventory to slot items or weapons. Although I do appreciate having a straightforward interface, I sometimes truly feel the need to tamper with additional items, weaponry or armor. Instead of going through an endless amount of items in your "backpack," your character gets to buy weapons from traders and each time the new weapon substitutes the one you were wielding before. Another weakness is that there's not much to think about in terms of leveling. Hard-earned exp. points are distributed to the character's health, chi or intuition. The rest goes into improving specific fighting styles and the damage caused throughout combat. The whole system works without any hitches and is exceedingly easy to get into, though it does appear a bit thin when compared to Bioware's other achievements (KotOR or NWN).

...and then on to DriverHeaven who awarded almost the same score (81%), noticing several comparisons to KotOR:

While it might not look like it at first, Jade Empire borrows heavily from Bioware’s previous hit Knights of the Old Republic. The quest structure is virtually the same, as is the way conversations and party management are handled. In fact, were it not for the completely different combat mechanics, this game would have been a textbook copy of the Star Wars RPG. This is by no means a bad thing, but I did have several Déjà vu moments during the game, which I’d rather have avoided. As an example, you travel between locations with the help of a flyer (one of the above mentioned machines) and you are presented with a take-off and landing animation each time. The same thing happened in KOTOR when you used your spaceship to fly from one planet to the next. Alignment also makes a return, and you can experience different endings based on your actions. There are other similarities between the two titles, but thankfully they are mostly restricted to positive things.

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