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Dark Messiah - Post Mortem Interview @ CVG

by Dhruin, 2007-03-06 22:24:59

Brit site CVG caught up with Arkane's Raphaël Colantonio to look back at Dark Messiah in an article format interview.  It's not terribly long or revealing but a few thoughts do get through:

 "We love the games where you have multiple approaches to the terrain. It was just a matter of time investment, and at some point in the development we realised we shouldn't do a Thief-style game. Thief's one of my favourite games, but the fact is, if you take ten people and make them play Dark Messiah for the first time, then nine out of ten will play it with a sword or as a magician. It's a special kind of player who's drawn to stealth. Plus, we have this interesting combat system, so it's going to be more rewarding for them to play with that. The stealth in Dark Messiah is more for the second-time player, who's finished it with a sword and wants a new challenge."

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