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Titan Quest Peek #3 @ RPG Vault

by Kalia, 2006-06-15 17:44:00
Today's character peek comes to us from lead gameplay designer Arthur Bruno. Readers will get a look at the "brigand", a character focusing on the hunting and rogue masteries:

Anatomy of a Brigand - Hunting / Rogue Masteries

The hunter, by his nature, is a stealthy and cunning individual given to using natural and man-made elements to slow, trap or weaken his quarry. The perfect complement to a hunter is the rogue, which emphasizes many of the same skills. With these two masteries in sync, a Brigand is born.

As you play through, you should look for equipment that modifies your strength and dexterity, but I'd also recommend looking for items and relics and charms that increase your attack speed and pierce damage.

If you choose this path, it will take some patience to reach the very pinnacle of your power, especially if you follow the path of the hunter before that of the rogue.

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