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Mass Effect - GDC Previews @ GameSpot, IGN, TeamXbox

by Dhruin, 2007-03-08 20:37:53

A trio of Mass Effect previews from GDC are on offer at GameSpot, IGN and TeamXbox.  Here's an introductory sample from GameSpot:

Everything that we saw today was taken from the first hour or so of gameplay, so we can talk about some of the story details without spoiling anything too significant. After impressing your superiors greatly with exploits that occurred before the game gets underway, it seems that you've attracted the attention of the shadow council, which is an elite organization whose members are known as specters. No human has ever been accepted into or even considered for their ranks, but early on in your adventure, you'll be joined by a specter that has been sent to assess you. It's believed that your being admitted into the alien shadow council would serve to symbolize just how successful the current alliance has been, but we'll wager that not everybody likes the idea.

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