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Gods & Heroes - Previews @ 1Up, GameSpy, GameZone

by Dhruin, 2007-03-09 12:49:33

New hands-on GDC previews of Gods & Heroes a-plenty so let's just use a list:

Here's an excerpt from GameSpy's piece:

The first couple of quests are pretty straightforward, involving things like fighting cultists in a temple or slaying impish creatures in order to get a key to exit the area. It's inside the temple, though, that Gods & Heroes starts to shape its own identity. After finishing a quest that involved desecrating some telchine idols, I experienced a vision with Jupiter himself, which is the aforementioned moment where it's revealed that you have some divinity in your genealogy. Voila, I was granted my first god power (an expected lightning attack). God powers add an extra layer of character development on top of the traditional skills and feats found in other games; as expected, they tend be your panic button for those "oh snap, these mobs are owning me" moments. After receiving my first god power, I worked my way through the newbie area and quickly run into another part of Gods & Heroes' feature set: minions.

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