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The Witcher - Contest & Blog Update

by Dhruin, 2007-03-09 13:07:05

The official Witcher blog at IGN has been updated with an art contest to create a banner for an upcoming revamped website and a blog entry on the recent press event that saw several journalists travelling to Warsaw for a presentation on the game:

 What did we show? A lot, since we had to keep the people occupied for an hour. We started the presentation in the game’s prologue, during which the player got to learn the basics of playing and engaged in the first combat sequences. Then they had an opportunity to visit the suburbs of Vizyme, talk to people and perform some tasks for the local peddler. The quests could be completed in many ways. Once the journalists had gotten the hang of quests, we threw them into the eye of the cyclone; that is The Cemetary in Vyzime, full of ghouls and graveirs. Here, apart from the aforementioned scavengers, they had a chance to meet Elves and rescue some poor souls trapped in a crypt. The presentation ended where it started, in the prologue, where the guests had the chance to fight a boss or two.

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