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Fury - GDC Hands-On @ IGN, FiringSquad

by Dhruin, 2007-03-10 10:14:14

Auran's Fury has been previewed at IGN based on the GDC presentation:

We played the Bloodbath game type, a free-for-all deathmatch, and found the game to be extremely fast paced. Characters, controlled from a third person perspective like in many other MMOs, bolt around at a quick clip. Spells and other abilities have an extremely short cooldown time, meaning even some of the more powerful attacks we were using could be unleashed in rapid succession. The limiting factor is charge. Generally, it seemed weaker attacks build up charge, while more powerful attacks consume charge. We were using a magic nuking type of character, and had to spam fireballs to build enough charge for a larger fireball and fire nova. Apparently the schools of magic also have charge stealing and transfer abilities, which could lead to some interesting team dynamics during group matches. To help survive during online matches, health pickups and various status augmentation items can be picked up during play.

...and also at FiringSquad:

The game gives the player access to both offensive and defensive based characters which can concentrate either on long range or melee attacks. We got some hands-on time with a build that let us play two different modes. One was a deathmatch style mode where characters just went after each other in a Roman style arena. Our melee based character had basic attacks that could be augmented with special attacks that are set up by clicking on a tool bar on the bottom of our HUD. Much like Guild Wars, these special skills and attacks sometimes took a little while to regenerate. Unlike Guild Wars, Fury is all about PvP combat which means that things like flame and other special attacks are fired up much faster. It took a little time to get used to the quicker pace but soon we were able to get used to Fury's combat style. One thing that the game has inside each arena are special buffs that give temporary increases in abilities (faster healing, more offensive attacks, etc)

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