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Jade Empire - SE Review @ ComputerGames.ro

by Dhruin, 2007-03-10 22:32:13

ComputerGames.ro has posted their review of BioWare's Jade Empire Special Edition, awarding a score of 83%.  Here's a bit on side-quests:

Getting back to the side-quests, there will always be something new to do, whether it’s proving the innocence of a falsely accused scholar, convincing a “barbarian” from the Far East to leave the Imperial City or find a wife for an over-sized farmer. Also note that some side-quests can have some very hefty rewards, even those which you might think are insignificant, so explore as much as you can and talk to everyone. Unlike Knights of the Old Republic, you will be able to take only one companion with you during your travels from the bunch that will join you as you progress through the game, but you won’t have any control over him, other than changing his behavior during combat: attack or support (if available). Even though their abilities would in theory encourage you to use everyone, the truth is that the first companion (which happens to be a she) will be the one you’ll use for probably about 90% of the game, since she can restore you Chi. As expected, you will also be able to have romantic relationships with some of your companions, and when compared with the options you have in other RPG’s… weeeeell, let’s just say that you have a lot more freedom this time around.

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