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Nomads of the Fallen Star - Released

by Silver, 2019-01-31 10:56:19

Nomads of the Fallen Star has released on Steam with a 10% launch discount.


Release day! A foreword from the solo-developer.

G'day to my fellow gamers,

Like many of you, I have probably spent way too much time gaming when I was younger instead of focusing on my study. Fortunately, I somehow managed to graduate university, and got a career as a research scientist[].

However, years later, I kept on hearing that voice in my mind, a reminder of missed opportunities to chase my younger self's dream of being a game developer. I didn't want to reach middle-age as a miserable old man...

So I did it, I didn't know anything about coding, but I quit my career in research to chase that elusive dream. I started with tiny games to learn to code and progressed further as I learnt more.

A few years later and a few games wiser, today, my biggest project which has occupied nearly the last 3 years of my life is releasing on Steam.

If I could describe what Nomads of the Fallen Star is briefly, it is an intelligent economic simulation that creates emergent gameplay opportunities for the player.

Your decisions matter. It will affect the gameworld, as factions wage war to conquer territory, as the colonists and merchants roam & work the wasteland to survive... you will be there among them, how central a role you want to play is up to you.

The story (main and side) is personal. It's themes are duty and personal responsibility and I hope many of you manage to reach the end. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback, as well as any bug reports (hopefully not too many!) you may find in your play.

I hope the game will be well received, if it manages to sell I can continue this gamedev journey towards greater games in the future. If it bombs, let it be an example, for anything worthwhile in life is hard.



ps. If you're a content creator or curator on Steam and interested in reviewing this title, feel free to contact me on twitter (@AH_Phan) or email.

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