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PotBS - GDC Hands-On @ Kotaku

by Dhruin, 2007-03-11 20:43:57

Kotaku has sampled Flying Labs' Pirates of the Burning Sea at GDC, coming away with this report:

I was expecting maybe a speech or a demo before hand, but the Flying Labs guys put me in the captain's chair immediately, walking me through character creation. You choose from one of four nationalities...British, Spanish, French, and Pirate (yes dammit, it is a nationality.) You then pick a class and begin creating your character. I of course choose the pirate race, and as tempting as it was to create a female character, I went with a man. the costume choices implemented currently are very impressive, and soon I had a swarthy looking fellow in a fancy longcoat and a feathered hat, ready for action. To spice things up a bit I made his coat pink, and his hat purple. The random name generator christened me Marcel Ducasset, but the devs and I both knew that this was the man destined to be known as Captain Duck Ass.

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