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Sacred 2 - Interview #2 @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2007-03-12 21:47:18

An ISP outage will restrict my updates over the next 24 hours but it looks like a quiet news day, anyway.

RPG Vault's Jonric has posted the second part of their Sacred 2 interview with Ascaron's Hans-Arno Wegner.  The discussion covers general issues and unfortunately, nothing is revealed of the changed character classes so the Seraphim remains the example de jour.  Here's a bit on combat:

Jonric: Since combat is a central element of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, what type of system and experience can we expect? What are the key features? Will the player ever control more than one character?

Hans-Arno Wegner:
Sacred 2 is an action RPG and therefore combat is at the very centre of the game. The player will spend a lot of time fighting against mobs to level, get better items and so on. This leads to the point where combat needs to be simple, but also interesting and challenging.

Sacred 2 puts the player right in the centre of the gameplay. The fighting will be fast, but against substantial enemies, and it will also be tactical. You can prepare several weapons and spells to be ready for use, enabling you to switch your attacks rapidly according to the situation. If you'd like to use a special combination of Combat Arts, you can feel free to build a combo, which allows you to execute your desired sequence with a single mouse click.

There will be mercenaries that fight beside the hero if you so wish. We have not only the single-player action in mind, but also multiplayer team play. A lot of Combat Art effects can encompass other party members. Some characters can be optimized especially for gaming in a party. There are many combinations for players to consider and try out while deciding how to build an effective tactical group.

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