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Night Watch - Review at AceGamez

by Txa1265, 2007-03-13 16:18:30

AceGamez posted their review of CDV & Nival's Night Watch tactical RPG based on the movie and book of the same name.  The final score is 6/10, and the mostly positive review highlights things gamers might enjoy or not like before summing up as follows: 

In the end, Night Watch the game reminds me of something Semyon tells Anton in the last section of the Night Watch book when Anton has gotten drunk on Cognac. "It is all wrong, he says - Cognac is for the heart, Vodka is for the soul…" So they share a couple of bottles of Vodka. This game has a very good story to tell but its attempts to tell it through a combat-based game engine felt all wrong. So to paraphrase, I'd say that the Silent Storm engine is for combat but not for storytelling. Enter the game knowing that and let your soul drink deep from the well of glorious turn-based combat and you'll be satisfied. But go looking for a great sweeping storytelling experience and you'll be left unsatisfied and feeling hung over.

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