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Stellar Tactics - Patch 0.180

by Hiddenx, 2019-03-10 18:11:24

The Stellar Tactics patch 0.180 comes with a new drone mining system and 10 ships:

Patch 0.180

The new drone mining system is in the game. Here is how it works.
You can now purchase mining drones at any ship equipment vendor. The total maximum number of drones you can have active and on your ship is 20. Drones on your ship are transferred to any ship you are actively flying so, if you transfer to another ship, any drones aboard your current ship get transferred along with your cargo. Drones are fairly expensive, however, they pay for themselves in a few runs and are a great way to make money while exploring the universe.


Drones have a maximum capacity of 1000 units. When they are deployed, the drones fly to the targeted planetary resource node and mine until full. You can use the drone manager to manage your drones, check their status and set their AI (more on the drone manager below).


Ten more ships updated!
  • Aries LATK-2
  • Vagabond EX-4
  • Wanderer EX-2
  • Arden LM-2
  • Revenant ATK-5
  • Corsair HATK-2
  • Ashaton MATK-3
  • Kraken HATK-7
  • Traveler EXP-2
  • Trident MATK-7

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