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Phoenix Point - AMA with Julian Gollop

by Silver, 2019-03-14 05:33:06

The Reddit AMA with Julian Gollop about Phoenix Point and the Epic Games Store decision.

56 points 10 hours ago

A lot of backers choosed a higher tier to get access to the first two DLCs. Do those get the difference back or at least some other compensation?


LEAD DESIGNER 11 points  9 hours ago

The living weapons / chitin armour is actually a single DLC pack, and will remain exclusive to backers. You will also get at least 3 DLC packs free over the course of the year.


63 points · 10 hours ago

Question: Backers who backed the game from China can't even install the Epic Launcher, since Epic Games actively blocks the Launcher there. Why do they have to wait 1 year now because you decided that?

How could I, as a backer, even play the game in China? I could easily do it via GOG or Steam.

Business Guy-17 points · 9 hours ago

We're looking into our options for China right now, and hope to have something to share on that topic soon.


Epic does not, so far as I'm aware, have a 'workshop' like Steam does. Does this affect the sense or extent to which PP will be mod-friendly,
and can you clarify further yet how modding is expected to be facilitated?


LEAD DESIGNER 11 points  9 hours ago

We will be supporting some limited modding post-release, but it will not come before the first major DLC.
We don't know yet what modding support Epic will be providing in the future, but we will provide a custom solution if necessary.


LEAD DESIGNER 26 points  9 hours ago

Phoenix Point will be DRM free, and will run without the Epic Launcher. You can uninstall it after downloading or updating, and the game will run fine.
You can even add it to your Steam library manually. All backers will get at least 3 major DLC packs throughout the year. If you only want to play on Steam/, you will get a Steam/gog key after the exclusive year has ended which will include all the DLC up to that point. Yes, we did expect some people to be upset by the Epic deal, and we did not make this decision lightly. We have enough resources to release the game, but the Epic deal will help the game enormously in terms of quality and post-release content. It helps give our employees security and gives them the confidence they can get the job done, despite the stress and high expectations.


9 points · 9 hours ago

"Major" DLC? Are there going to be "Minor" packs that backers do not have access to? (Disregarding Pre-order bonus such as living armour)

LEAD DESIGNER 14 points  9 hours ago

There will be some free content updates as well.


40 points · 10 hours ago

I'm looking at getting a refund, because I do not want to support the Epic Game Store and their exclusivity purchases such as the one that just happened with Phoenix Point.

Why are you unable to provide the refund via the payment method? I'm sure I'm not in the minority of being uncomfortable with handing my bank account information over to a third party.

Business Guy
19 points · 10 hours ago

Because we are offering refunds to anyone who purchased from the Fig campaign (almost two years ago) until today,we literally can't refund via original payment method because too much has elapsed in many of these cases.
After extensive research and testing of a number of methods (including PayPal), this is the most efficient way for us
to process a significant number of refunds to people in many different countries around the world.
They have a 9.2 rating with TrustPilot ( and
we use them ourselves to transfer money to pay studio salaries every month.

18 points · 9 hours ago

I think it's fair to say that the marketing for this game so far has suggested an experience that will in some ways fall closer to "old" than "new" xcom, as a tactical or strategic experience. Is there any element of the design direction in X-COM: UFO DEFENSE and its direct sequels that you would say was a mistake? Anything you're trying to avoid in this new game, when it comes to how players will react to it?

LEAD DESIGNER 21 points  9 hours ago

Good question. There were certainly big problems with the original X-COM - lack of tutorials, poor interface, lack fo feedback,fiddly inventory management. We are taking a few lessons from modern XCOMs, while keeping and improving on some stuff in the old ones. Phoenix Point also takes some ideas from X-COM Apocalypse, with multiple human factions and agendas. I want it to have more of a simulation / sandbox feel, but with some strong story lines from each faction.

20 points 10 hours ago

Free DLC - with the new influx of money, will the missed funding goals from the Fig be implemented as part of the free DLC? The sea missions, floating bases etc?

LEAD DESIGNER 22 points  10 hours ago

Yes - all the proposed DLC from the Fig campaign will be implemented, plus more.
We plan at least 3 major DLC packs which include new missions, storylines, aliens, equipment etc.
Backers who ordered the living weapons/armour sets will get those as an exclusive DLC pack in addition.
We will be supporting the game with extra content as soon as possible after release and throughout the following year.
We are definitely in it for the long haul.


11 points · 9 hours ago edited 9 hours ago

Epic games hate blah blah all that, but besides the hate, I still have genuine questions.

Will there be an action cam similar to Xcom2s? I loved seeing a close of up of my soldier or an alien getting blown away, I would at least like the option.

How many voice lines will you be adding, mostly for aliens, because if I hear that alien say that damn line one more time while he shoots me i'm gonna flip.

Would it be possible to add some old time war weaponry and such? I know its all futuristic and stuff but if there are rag tag teams in cities I would imagine they don't get the top of the line gear.

Ragdoll physics, this is small thing to me but I think they go a long way in making the game just have that feel, will you be improving them? For example reactions to multiple shots, even after death etc. This is also another reason why I loved the action cam in Xcom2, even though it didn't have the best physics.

Action cam tho pls.

LEAD DESIGNER 13 points  9 hours ago

Yes absolutely - there will be plenty (you will also be able to turn them off if you wish).

The aliens will have quite a few more barks in BR4, with more yet to come. Soldiers will also get them.

The independent havens have soldiers that look like bandits with rough looking weapons. Still from the future though.

Yes, we will be improving them, during our polish phase. The environment destruction will also be getting a major overhaul.


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