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Sacred 2 - Xbox 360 Preview @ Gameshark

by Dhruin, 2007-03-13 22:13:23

A GDC preview of Sacred 2 for the Xbox 360 can be found at Gameshark.  It mostly covers general material that would equally apply to the PC version - here's a bit in the classes that will appear in the sequel:

Along with choosing a campaign, you’ll select from six different customizable characters. The seraphim returns from the original game, joined by the inquisitor, shadow warrior, high elf, dryad, and temple guardian. Each character possesses unique attributes, skill sets, and special abilities. For example, the seraphim is a master of armed combat and light magic, whereas the dryad specializes in dark voodoo magic and ranged attacks. Once you’ve chosen a character, you can tailor its appearance by tweaking a few simple options. Even if you’re limited to choosing from pre-set characters, the differences among the six are distinct and the ability to modify their appearance adds to the variety.

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