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WoW - Interview @ Play.tm

by Dhruin, 2007-03-14 07:15:13

Blizzard's Lead Producer on World of Warcraft Shane Dabiri has been interviewed at Play.tm about the success of the title:

What part of The Burning Crusade are you personally most proud of or excited by?

The massive breadth of the game is one of the things that never cease to amaze us. We've worked hard to include elements that appeal to a wide variety of players. Just to touch on a few things - flying mounts are giving everyone a brand new perspective on the game world. Small groups can adventure in so many different and challenging winged dungeons. The new raid content and boss fights are also more fun than ever for larger groups, while the new Arena System is allowing us to run our first-ever, global World of Warcraft PvP tournament. Though all of these pale in comparison to the thing I'm most proud of, which is our fantastic player community that has embraced this game and called it their own. They are the ones that truly breathe life into this virtual world.

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