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Mass Effect - Interview #1 @ Games Radar

by Dhruin, 2007-03-14 21:26:08

Describing it as "breathtaking" and "innovative", Games Radar has the first part of an interview-cum-preview on Mass Effect based on a GDC presentation of the first hour of gameplay:

RM: We're using the language of cinema to really convey the story and dialogue of the game. You'll notice when you talk to the navigator, there's the depth of field where the characters are very sharp and in focus, while the backgrounds are a little blurry. Also, notice the camera angle cuts back and forth to whoever's speaking.

GamesRadar: In what other ways are you making Mass Effect a believable cinematic experience?

RM: The range of expressions that are on the faces of the digital actors and actresses. Their eyes move; they track you as you're walking around. They actually have nuanced expressions. It's not so much what they say in all cases - sometimes it's what they're doing and how they look.

GZ: The characters really are acting.

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