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Gods & Heroes - GDC Report @ The Brasse.com

by Inauro, 2007-03-14 21:26:45

The Brasse.com previews Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising as seen at this year's GDC.

One should expect a solid product from Perpetual of course. The combined experience of the team working there is impressive. Drawing skills and talent from big name companies such as EA, Blizzard North, and Lucas Arts, the staff has a lot of experience bringing a great many top tier titles to production. Chris McKibbin, the co-founder of Perpetual, was responsible for games such as Need for Speed and The Sims Online, while Stieg Hedlund, Design Director for Gods and Heroes, was heavily involved in the Diablo franchise. Richard Zinzer, the Vice president of Online Services, has history working in the same role for the venerable Ultima Online title, among others.

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