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Loki - Preview @ ActionTrip

by Dhruin, 2007-03-15 20:08:17

ActionTrip has a preview of Cyanide's Loki, which includes an inserted note from the editor saying "On paper, this game sounds so incredibly generic, it's not even funny", although they acknowledge it may all be in the execution.  Here's a clip on classes:

Each character embodies unique folklore, fighting styles and abilities. The Norse fighter, for instance, represents a near equivalent of a warrior class in standard fantasy lore. Relying on pure strength and his versatility in close combat, he's quite a resilient and capable combatant. He's certainly the right choice if you prefer muscle over brainpower. Going for the Greek character means you've chosen a skilled female archer, adept at setting deadly traps for unwary foes. She was also instructed by the warrior Achilles, who sends her on quests to help the Greek Pantheon. We were told that the Egyptian character is closely tied to the main plot - a lot more than other characters. His chief abilities are spells and magic. Finally, the Aztec shaman (another female character) strives to save her own people from extinction and mostly relies on skills linked to nature.

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