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Vanguard - Review @ CVG

by Dhruin, 2007-03-15 20:35:56

It's CVG's turn to review Vanguard, with the article taken from their PC Gamer (UK) magazine.  The score is 6.8/10 and here's a harsh excerpt:

The trouble is, it's all presented with machine-like coldness. The writing and voice-acting is miserably flat, while any game that announces "establishing ownership" in its ugly, cramped font when you start attacking a foe hasn't stopped to consider whether you're having fun or not. There are so many numbers to keep track of that most become meaningless - just running around doing nothing creates an irregular flow of messages about some obscure ability improving. 

There's logic behind it - if you haven't practised jumping off buildings, it's understandable that it'd hurt more when you do fall off something - but there's no attempt to mask the mechanical nature of this role-playing model. The quests and creepily static NPCs are unrelentingly bland, while combat is stilted and robotic, mostly a hollow facsimile of what's gone before.

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