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Dark and Light: Review @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 2006-06-16 07:43:00
The first significant <a href="http://pc.gamezone.com/gzreviews/r21309.htm" target="_blank">review</a> of 'Dark and Light' is now up at GameZone...with a score of 5.3/10. Here's the opening gambit:<blockquote><em>The promise was the worlda "!s largest massively multiplayer online game, and in that developer NPCube and publisher Farlan Entertainment has delivered.<br><br>But even the best plans can falter in execution and unfortunately while Dark and Light brings several wonderful ideas into the genre, the game has a lot of problems a  so many, in fact, that the game is hardly worth playing on a given night.</em></blockquote>

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