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World of Chaos - German Version Gold

by Dhruin, 2007-03-16 22:41:57

You may recall a handful of newsbits about this turn-based game with a half-orc main character that created a bit of interest many months ago - at least until developer Brainfactor's website went dark and we were unsure of its future.

Thanks to Sir Brennus for letting us know bhv has picked up World of Chaos and the German version has gone Gold.  A quick look around finds an English subsite under bhv's Xider brand with a May 2007 release (no direct link because of the Flash but look for World of Chaos in the left navigation menu).  Since we can't quote the German announcement, here's the game description:Stor

World of Chaos is an entertaining and exciting challenge for fans of both classical adventures and modern, spectacular, action-packed Role Playing Games.

The epic tale follows the adventures of Skandar Graun, a half-orc who is given the task by the God of Chaos to take revenge on the murderers of his parents and to obtain the legendary artifact called 'The World of Chaos‘. Skandar accepts the task, not knowing that he will become a key figure in the eternal war between Order and Chaos.


  • More than 300 characters were carefully designed
  • Never before have there been so many motion capture animated characters in a computer role play game
  • Many different combat styles and magic spells
  • 36 different skills", "Exciting minigames
  • Over 12 huge worlds to be explored
  • Multiple choice conversations
  • Comes with a wealth of different voices

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World of Chaos

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