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Jade Empire - SE Review @ Eurogamer

by Dhruin, 2007-03-17 23:00:19

Eurogamer has kicked up their review of Jade Empire SE, praising the art direction and script but criticising the alignment system, insufficient new content and combat.  The score is 7/10 and here's a snip:

We mentioned the fighting styles a minute ago, and earlier we touched on the fact that the combat ticks the boxes, but doesn't do much else. This is, indeed, a weak point of Jade Empire. Bioware went to the trouble of implementing a host of interesting and unique fighting styles, and then seemingly decided that making a combat system which was complex enough to do them justice would alienate their RPG-loving fanbase. The result is a disappointingly simple system which allows you to stroll through the game by mashing one or two buttons and rolling around a bit. The most taxing strategy you'll need in combat is to slow an enemy down by pelting them from afar with a technique from one fighting style, then flick styles and roll in to mash at them with standard melee attacks. For boss characters, you'll probably just turn on the ultimate Get Out Of Jail Free card - the bullet time effect - and pound them a bit. It's never difficult, even on higher skill levels, and while it's not boring as such, it's not actually very interesting either. It's just there. It's unremarkable; it's average; it's okay.

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