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A Legionary's Life - Update 0.19.3

by Hiddenx, 2019-09-01 16:47:40

Update 0.19.3 for A Legionary's Life has been released:

Update 0.19.3

This is arguably the most important update since the Early Access began: it delivers the third and last campaign, set during the Second Macedonian War. It consists of 3 parts, 9 new random events, many fixed events (they range from a couple of lines to more complex situations), new enemies, encounters and a few hidden treasures.

There is another important change affecting the loss of Morale when you pick too many extra training sessions and workouts. The new system is a lot more transparent, less annoying, and it should make your choices during the Lull phases more interesting. It also makes it harder to reach high Skill levels, but that ultimately depends on how much Morale you are willing to sacrifice as you strive for perfection (the training progression is the same as version 0.12.8 anyway). Because of this, the Skill perks (Natural Swordsman and Aegis Embodiment) should have a larger impact now. Their cost is still 4,000 points, but I have not forgotten the suggestion to lower it to 3,000. I just want to know how they work now before making a decision.

In the main Help, you are now explicitly told that as long as your Morale level is Content, you will receive neither penalties nor benefits. In the Character Screen Help, I have added a brief description of what Skill values are supposed to mean in broad terms.

I have also fixed the typos and errors that were kindly reported by flori2412 and FlaviusStilicho in the proper thread.

Now the game is playable from start to finish, but it still needs some polishing. That's why it will remain in Early Access for a little while longer. I don't know when version 1.0 will be out exactly, but hopefully it should be soon enough. I took some notes of your suggestions on the forum and I am looking through them to see what can be done. Besides, I'm sure you will provide more food for thought very soon.

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