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Guild WArs: The Scribe #2 @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-06-16 08:03:00
The second edition of <a href="http://guildwars.com/community/thescribe/#" target="_blank">The Scribe</a> is online at the official Guild Wars site. Here's a snippet from the new edition:<blockquote><em>During my travels across Tyria and Cantha I have met many people. And while all have a calling of their owna  be it soldier, merchant, mercenary, or scribea  each shares a deep appreciation for unique items.<br><br>I recently received worda  as yet confirmeda  that adventurers have found a few items previously unknown to our world. It is unclear from where these items originated, but early reports state that they are of fine craftsmanship, and are unique in appearance. I have spoken with local blacksmiths and craftsmen in both Cantha and Tyria, and none of them will take credit for the creation of these new objects. So many questions come to mind: What are these wonderful items? Where did they come from? Why have they mysteriously arrived? Yet all of these questions are trivial when compared to the biggest question on everyone's mind: Where can they be found?</em></blockquote>
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