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9Dragons - GDC Preview @ WarCry

by Dhruin, 2007-03-21 23:47:30

Acclaim's version of 9Dragons is the subject of a preview-cum-interview at WarCry, based on a conversation with Acclaim's CEO Howard Marks at GDC:

The flood of Asian-MMO imports has left many in the game media writing them off before they even open their doors. Acclaim seems to have bucked the trend with 9Dragons, their first major MMORPG. Like many, they took a successful Asian MMO and translated it to English, but during our GDC meeting with Howard Marks - the company's CEO - it became clear why they're having success where others have failed. 9Dragons has an aggressive, but realistic distribution and pricing plan and his North American studio has put an emphasis on truly translating the game - not just the text - for the North American audience.

All of this extra effort has meant that their Open Beta has over 250,000 players who have registered for and downloaded the client. It has also enabled Acclaim to secure European publishing rights to the game as they expand their service over a second ocean.

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