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Fury - Preview @ GameSpy

by Inauro, 2007-03-22 21:12:33

GameSpy takes a closer look at Auran's MMO, Fury.

When we sat down to play, all the Auran employees commented, "The most efficient way to play is to hold down the right-mouse button to keep running, steer yourself with the mouse, and spam the number keys for your different powers." For the first match (a typical deathmatch mode, called "Bloodbath"), I went with a "nuker" incarnation. If they say this plays more like an FPS, then I'm going to pick the dude that can shoot stuff from a distance. Auran provided some pretty buffed-up incarnations, so that we could start tearing through each other with mighty abilities and not have to put up with completing PvP challenges or quests with pitiful abilities in order to gain cool ones for the test session.

Source: GameSpy

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