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Sacred 2 - Preview @ RPGamer

by Dhruin, 2007-03-23 21:31:27

The latest Sacred 2 GDC preview comes from RPGamer and here's an excerpt, with the Seraphim again the focus:

Ascaron started off by showing us the Seraphim class. She was decked out in 20 pieces of armor, and was hand animated. Ascaron has chosen not to do motion capture for its animations due to their preference of the look and feel of hand animation. They also claim difficulty in finding accurate models for hellhounds and dragons.

As the Seraphim began to journey out into the world, a few things became apparent. The first was the real physics being used to model objects in the world. The second was how enemies could completely hide in grass, making an ambush very possible if the camera was overhead. Finally, the camera was switchable between over-the-shoulder and overhead modes.

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