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Sacred 2 - Shadow Warrior @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2007-03-28 23:07:17

Those tired of seeing Sacred 2's Seraphim character can rejoice because Ascaron has shifted focus to the Shadow Warrior, changing the entire look of the official site.  Presumably this means each character type will be progressively rolled out over time - here's the announcement:

The Shadows are gathering! The official website for Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel reveals its dark side. On March, 28th at noon, the virtual gate to Ancaria will unveil its sinister Shadow Warrior look.

The website www.sacred2.com has been completely revamped. Access a variety of regularly updated contents about Sacred 2. Be sure to visit frequently and catch up on the latest news. Soon, you will also be able to subscribe to our Sacred 2 RSS-feed, which will be implemented shortly.

These are the latest additions:

+ new, red style depicting the shadow campaign
+ new Flash header showing the Shadow Warrior and a new background
+ 6 screenshots of the Shadow Warrior
+ new movement animations of the Shadow Warrior
+ 360 degree shot with Enforcer armor and two-handed battle-axe
+ new information about the Shadow Warrior

...and check out the Shadow Warrior page.

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