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ES4: Shivering Isles - Reviews @ GamingHeaven, GameDaily

by Dhruin, 2007-03-29 22:17:51

GamingHeaven has given Shivering Isles a big thumbs up in their review.  They list no real flaws and diversity as features and the score is 92% - here's a snip:

Bethesda has listened to the fans and has made some improvements and added some nice touches to the overall experience. However, those who complained about the combat style will likely still be frustrated. For myself, though, I don’t do melee fighting nearly as much as I do Summoned Creatures and Spell Casting. There are so many ways to enjoy – and WIN -- the fights that it’s really not fair, in my mind, to find that much fault with the combat.

GameDaily takes a similar stance with a score of 9/10:

Game play pretty much mirrors what players have come to expect from Oblivion, with plenty of underground dungeon crawling, new magic spells, armor and weapons to go around. The land has plenty of side quests in addition to its very compelling main story, where players need to work their way up in rank and prestige within the Court of Madness. While most quests seem pretty straightforward, some can be maddeningly challenging, particularly in one quest where the player needs to consume drugs in order to stay mobile, or else become weakened and immoblized by the weight of their own gear.

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