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Gods & Heroes - Preview @ Hooked Gamers

by Dhruin, 2007-03-29 22:43:23

Hooked Gamers has kicked up a preview of Gods & Heroes:

 Typical as this may sound, Gods & Heroes seems to reserve its most interesting feature for where the action is: combat. Thankfully, none of the staple modes have been heavily tampered with. The player can opt to adventure solo, encountering a vast array of interesting opponents, from barbarian tribes to Cyclops, colossi, phoenixes and hydras. If you feel brave enough you can even take on fellow players in the coliseum. Those seeking something a bit more social can team up and explore the world together, making the most of your abilities as a unit. This is all pretty typical, but what Perpetual Entertainment have done, is combine something we'd expect of a normal RPG and transferred it as a working element into Gods & Heroes. Basically, when your character has gained a certain amount of renown, they are able to command a 'squad'- be that henchman, mercenaries or anything else of the sort. They come in three types, melee fighters, ranged fighters and healers. When teamed up with other players and their squads, players are able to travel around with what have been described as 'small armies' at their disposal.

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