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Sword of the New World - The Musketeer

by Inauro, 2007-03-29 23:02:52

K2 Network has released new information about the Musketeer class from Sword of the New World.

The Musketeer

The Musketeer is one of the most imposing character classes in Sword of the New World. This character class is a top-tier damage dealer, and primarily relies on pistols and rifles; however, this class can also use bare fists, smash enemies with rifle stocks, fire poisonous bullets, slash and stab with a bayonet, and even fire a blinding AOE debuff. With 7 stances and 24 skills, the Musketeer is as deadly as it is diverse. The following details the depth and characteristics of three of its unique stances:

Double Gun Shot – A duel-pistol stance with the fastest shooting speed and the lowest accuracy.

  • Westraid: Greatly increases shooting speed for both guns, but decreases accuracy.
  • Blood Over-Drive: Reckless AOE attack blasts up to 8 random enemies.
  • Quattro Firing: Quickly shoots one opponent four times.
  • R.I.P.: Overwhelming attack fires dozens of shots at one enemy.

Standing Shot – Excellent rifle stance. It grants superior accuracy and quickness.
  • Birdfall: Fires at enemies in the air. Cannot be used to attack enemies on the ground.
  • Blind Flash: Tremendous AOE debuff. Blinds up to 15 opponents by firing ammunition that explodes with a bright flash of light.
  • Headshot: Shoots an opponent in the head. Highly accurate. Devastating damage.
  • Undercovering: AOE skill fires many shots at up to 6 enemies. Chance to inflict Fear.
  • Precision Shot: Fires a high-damage shot that never misses.

Encounter Shot – A close-up shooting stance utilizing the bayonet.
  • Bayonet Assault: Stabs an opponent and then smashes him/her with a rifle butt.
  • Glint: Hits the enemy in the head with the gunstock, and finishes with several rifle shots.
  • Incision: Cuts an enemy twice with the bayonet, and then fires multiple times.
  • Shooting Star: Converges on the enemy while firing a shot, kicks the enemy down, and then stabs with the bayonet. Wicked and brutal, and so fun.

For additional information please visit the official web site at www.swordofthenewworld.com and stay tuned for information on more of the exciting character classes in Sword of the New World soon!


Source: K2 Network

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