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Dark And Light - Free to Play @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-03-31 00:21:47

The official Dark and Light forums have word that the MMO will be free to play pending a new billing model.

Dark and Light is currently being improved and heavily reorganized. Due to this and several other problems encountered with the billing service, we have decided to stop using this service and to find another partner.

As a direct consequence of this decision, Dark and Light is now totally free, without any kind of restriction, until a more satisfying solution can be set up in the months to come.
This is applicable to all accounts that were already created, whatever may be their current subscription type – Master, Freedom, or Discovery.

Due to the termination of this service, any billing or invoicing is of course stopped, including for accounts that were already opened.

A new system of account creation will be set up in the days to come to allow newcomers to also access Dark And Light for free.

The Dark and Light Team.

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