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Wintermoor Tactics Club - Review @ Gamereactor

by Hiddenx, 2020-09-12 18:00:49

Gamereactor reviewed Wintermoor Tactics Club:

Wintermoor Tactics Club

Head back to school in this deep narrative-based tale.


The Wintermoor Tactics Club is an adventure RPG, inspired by visual novels, which focusses on Alicia and her Curses and Catacombs (C&C - A Dungeons and Dragons style game) clubmates as they attempt to solve a confounding mystery regarding why Wintermoor's Principal Enfield has begun to put a restraint on extra-curricular clubs. Whilst investigating, Alicia and her friends will discover the mystery is much more dangerous and complex than they initially thought, learning that Wintermoor itself may just be a haven for a deeper, perhaps mystical conspiracy.


Issues aside, Wintermoor Tactics Club is a genuinely entertaining strategy-RPG, with a brilliant narrative inspired by visual novels and a strategy-based combat system that's equally enjoyable. The storyline and conversations between the many interactive characters made this title such a pleasant experience that would make anyone long for those perfectly portrayed school days. Apart from a few niggles with its loading screens and slightly repetitive gameplay design, the Wintermoor Tactics Club turned out to be one the most delightful indie titles I have played this year.

Score: 8/10

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