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Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest - Interview

by Silver, 2020-09-27 05:02:44

The devs behind Visual Novel Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest were interviewed by Gamingbolt about the games setting, themes and choices.

Can you talk to us about the choice and consequence mechanics in Heart of the Forest and how significantly they will affect how the game’s story plays out? Tying the choice and consequence mechanics with character attributes is an interesting concept- how deeply are the two intertwined, and how does the game ensure that choices don’t become transparent as a result?

First of all, we have the main branching paths, some of which get closed with your choices and lead you through the story. But there’s also another layer to this. At any point, your Rage determines how you see the world. The higher your Rage, the stronger your will to act. You are proactive and able to make more confident decisions. But this prevents you from seeing nuances of the world around you. The options you have become more binary. There’s also your personality, which determines the description of places or objects, and which characters follow you or not. Your relations also can change. Your version of Maia can find herself in different places, with different companions at her side, or see everything in a different way.

The game has multiple endings and it will be really hard to achieve the best one.


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